• Psychological Networks Amsterdam Winter School 2018. Amsterdam. January 2018.
  • Network Modeling for Psychological (and Attitudinal) Data. Oldenburg. January 2018.
    • Organized together with Pia Tio
    • All materials for the workshop can be found here!
  • Psychological Networks Amsterdam Summer School 2017. Amsterdam. July 2017.
    • Organized together with Sacha Epskamp
    • All materials for the Psychological Networks Amsterdam Summer School (PNASS) 2017 can be found here!


  • Conference on Complex Systems, Thessaloniki, September 2018.
    • Towards a Dynamical Systems Approach to Mental Disorders (slides)
  • International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, New York, July 2018.
    • Network Analysis in JASP (slides)
  • Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, May 2018.
    • Big5 in Schizophrenia: Personality through Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling and Network Analysis (slides)
  • Institute of Mental Health. Singapore, March 2018.
    • Invited talk: Network Models of Psychosis (slides)
  • Complexity Conference. Singapore, March 2018.
    • A (Data Driven) Network Approach to Schizophrenia (slides)
  • Clinical Psychology Department. Amsterdam, February 2018.
    • Invited talk: Network Models of Psychosis (slides)
  • Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) Meeting 2017. Oslo, Norway.
    • Invited talk in Symposia: Towards Incorporating Genetic Risk Scores into Network Models (slides)


  • Association for Psychological Science 2018. San Francisco, USA (poster, APSSC Student Research Award Honorable Mention).
  • 6th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference 2018. Florence, Italy (poster).
  • Conference on Complex Systems 2017. Cancun, Mexico (poster).
  • RM Graduate Conference 2016. Amsterdam, Netherlands (poster, third place award).
  • RM Graduate Conference 2015. Amsterdam, Netherlands (poster, second place award).